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Garden design available  in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

Select from the design menu:

Initial consultation (up to 2 hours)                                                                          FREE

Average cost of a basic sketch design plan, scaled to fit on A3 paper 

(includes mood board of ideas)                                                                                £450


Two perspective sketches, illustrating the plan                                                      £60     

Planting plan                                                                                                                £100 


Average cost of a full and more detailed design plan, scaled to fit

onto A2 paper (includes survey of site)                                                                   £850


We would love to hear from you.  Simply email:

A free initial site visit will help you decide whether you would like our help

to create a design plan for your outside space. 

Once you have your plan, you can take it to the landscaper of your choice,

or we can recommend our landscaping partners.

 Caroline Knight BA (Hons) Garden Design.