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Examples of garden design in small and medium gardens

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to see the difference a thoughtful design can make within a small space.

April 2016 (18).JPG
Willow Bank ground level looking east (2

Before                                                                 After

(Above) The steep rear garden has been terraced to provide a middle layer. One section of the wall has been pushed back to make room for a table and chairs at ground level, providing an eating space.
Most importantly, the outlook from the house is much lighter because of the bright, warm tones

Before                                                                      After

(Above) Showing the middle layer of the steep garden which has been created as a pathway through planting rather than primarily a path surrounded by plants. This now has a lush, exotic atmosphere
April 2016 (3).JPG
Ladder to roof.jpg

Before                                                                      After

(Above) A bespoke shed has been built to fit the awkward angle at the side of this property, within an area which was wasted space. A green roof on the shed has been planted with sedum matting. This helps to keep the shed warm and adds biodiversity, attracting insects and providing nectar.
Willow Bank front Sept 2018.jpg

Before                                                                   After

Front gardens don't need to be boring! Garden design can be applied to any space around a property. This area now has resin-bound gravel to provide a porous surface. A raised, rendered blockwork planter provides an opportunity for a tree, some lavender and ornamental grasses, as it's in a sunny position. The finish is clean and attractive, giving the house instant 'kerb appeal'.
Before and After REAR 2.jpg

Before                                                                      After

(Above) All is not revealed at a glance!  The two lollipop-shaped Chinese privet trees will soon be filling out to provide screening. The staggered fencing panels create the sense of a journey as they provide a little intrigue. The effect is a smart, clean garden with interest
Front garden BEFORE.JPG
Front Garden AFTER.jpg

Before                                                                 After

(Above) There is now a welcoming entrance to this property, with space to park the car. The curvaceous shapes and planting soften the appearance and the pathway draws you along to the front door

Before                                                                 After

(Above) The front garden becomes a usable space, with an invitation to sit and watch the world go by. Once the central bed has been planted, there will be plenty of lush greenery to provide interest, scent and colour. The brick wall and paving were chosen to blend and enhance the materials of the property

Examples of sketch design plans and sketches

Annotated plan ASHURST21092018.jpg
Annotated plan AUSTEN'S COTTAGE21092018.


Annotated plan BEACON RISE21092018.jpg
Annotated plan THE VINES21092018.jpg
Perspective sketch THE VINES21092018.jpg


27A Willow Bank garden plan with annotat

Plans are generally supported by perspective sketches

Perspective sketch.jpg

They are often drawn on photos of the existing site

Perspective sketch LAKEVIEW ROAD21092018
Perspective sketch LAKEVIEW ROAD21092018