garden design ideas



We can help you to gain the maximum benefit of your outside space, however small. 


With careful planning and thoughtful design, a diminutive or medium sized plot

can achieve a multitude of functions and feel like an exciting, versatile space.


A garden design plan might not be as expensive as you think. 










The above photos show 'before' and 'after' the implementation of design, taken prior to planting.



What does garden design mean?

It's not just about planting - that's one of the final stages of garden design. It's more about shaping and styling the space, including hard landscaping features such as

retaining walls, pathways and patios.

Create a list of the things you would like to change in your garden

and contact Caroline Knight, BA (Hons) Garden Design, at gardendesignideas.co.uk.

Providing you with inspiration to take you through the garden gate of your dreams.

Did you know that an appealing garden can increase the value of a home by up to 20%? 

gardendesignideas.co.uk creates sketch design plans based on your individual needs.

It's an affordable alternative to a full garden design.

 Contact: Caroline Knight BA (Hons) Garden Design email: carolineinthegarden@gmail.com